Sunday, 22 June 2014

NOTD #5 - OPI Alcatraz...Rocks Liquid sand ♥

Hey everyone, 

Today I thought I would write a post and show you how my nails are painted and what I used. I haven't painted my nails in such a long time but painted them around about last week and I'm very impressed by the longevity of my nail varnish and how they haven't chipped yet which they usually do. I fancied wearing a darker nail polish for a change even though we are in the summer and dark nails aren't that popular right now.

(pictures above were found on google)

♥ ♥ ♥

Below are what my nails look like after about a weeks wear. 

♥ ♥ ♥

I have quite a few nail varnishes that I don't use that often... this being one of them. I honestly don't know why I don't use it more often because I love the colour and the texture is very unique. 

If you were wondering... I got this as a Christmas present and it's from OPI... called 'Alcatraz...Rocks', its one of their liquid sand nail polishes. 

The texture of it once it has dried definitely feels although its been dipped in sand and is very rocky. I personally love this texture but if you didn't like it you could add a top coat which would even out this texture and create a smooth finish.

The colour of the nail varnish is also very pretty because in the sunlight as you can see to the left, their are tiny shimmers of blue and purple that look very pretty and make the dark nail varnish feminine. The colour itself is a mixture of many shimmers including gold, green and dark blue glitters. 

As mentioned before, this nail polish has really impressed me on how well it has lasted and not chipped. This may be due to it being a thicker texture but I would've thought that with bumps it would've chipped easier but that wasn't the case. 

I've looked up this nail polish online and you can get it for about £7 - £8 depending on which shop you are buying it from.

♥ ♥ ♥

Before I applied my nail varnish, I coated my nails with another nail polish from OPI which I have used for so long... their 'Nail Envy'.

Nail Envy acts as a food for your nails and hydrates them so any damage caused by removing old nail varnish is made healthy again. It also prevents nail polishes from staining and creates a smooth canvas for you to apply your colour on.

I've repurchased Nail Envy many times before and I got this one to the right from Christmas and it came in a set of three polishes. But you can buy it separately online or in shops for about £11 - £12. 

If you wanted to prevent nail polishes staining you could use any top coat or base coat that you have... it doesn't have to be expensive.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post... I'm really enjoying writing blog posts recently and changing the way I lay stuff out. Tweet me a picture of your nails at @fgeorgiaa or tell me below what you have on your nails at the moment...I would love to find some more nail polishes xx

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Back from little break ♥ Pastel Trends

Hey everyone, 

Sorry for the very long break I've kind of enjoyed having some free time and I had to revise for science exams :( Hopefully I'll be getting back into the swing of things and be posting more frequently now x I've kind of hit a wall trying to think of ideas for blog posts and needed some inspiration so please let me know how you get your inspiration and if there are any new tags going around that would be fun to do... anyway lets get into the main chunk of this blog post...

So today's post as you can see from above and in the title is about 'PASTEL TRENDS'... so you've all probably already heard or seen lots of pastel clothing around and about but I though that I'd do a bit of researching about to find some pastel clothing that I think is good value for money or very pretty!

One of the main shops that I like to look in for good value for money is 'New Look'... they sell a lot of up to date clothes for cheaper prices than more pricier shops such as 'Topshop' (although if you were willing to pay a bit more they do sell some gorgeous play suits and dresses that I would love to get my hands on :D). Anyway, I'm getting a bit distracted hehe... one of the first items from New Look that I spotted was this Short Sleeve Blue Cropped Jumper:

I thought this jumper would be a great piece that could go with anything from high waisted jeans and skirts to a more formal short skirt as demonstrated on the model in the picture to the left.

Also... this jumper is only £8 in the sale... so I'd grab one whilst you can ♥ 

Link: click here

♥ ♥ ♥

This next item from New Look is also in the sale and may not be quite in the pastel trend but I though I'd include it anyway and it is something that would work with the jumper above if you wanted to dress up a bit.. this a-line mini skirt:

I would pair this skirt with something plain on top like the jumper above or the vest to the right... also, I would try to match what ever I was wearing on top to one of the colours in the skirt e.g. peach or lilac... I would also do the same with my lipstick.

Makeup example that I'd pair with it: (found on pinterest) 

This skirt is only £7 in the sale!

Link: click here

♥ ♥ ♥

This last item from New Look is also in the sale and its a basic white jumper that has a bit of detailing on so you feel although you're putting in some effort hehe and its very girly.. its this white 1/2 sleeve jumper with floral embroidery:  

I feel like the cut of this jumper is a very love/hate cut... some people might love it but some people might hate it. I personally love it especially when its tucked in as shown on the model in the left picture. 

I would pair this with something high waisted... e.g. a skirt, jeans, shorts

£8 --- in the sale!

Link: click here

♥ ♥ ♥

Whilst browsing online I also found some great shops for dainty jewellery to pair with pastel items and one of the main shops was 'Pastelclouds'.... I've never heard of this shop before but they seem very affordable and sell some really cute stuff like these below: 

Link to Ying-Yang bracelet/necklace: click here

Link to Delicate Heart bracelet/necklace: click here

Link to Pineapple necklace/bracelet: click here

All of these bits of jewellery would be perfect to pair with the outfits and items above!

♥ ♥ ♥

Also on ASOS... I found some pretty earring that would match perfectly!

Links to stuff in order: (click on the name for website)

Hope you enjoyed this post.. let me know where you like to get bargain trends from!

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