Sunday, 17 January 2016

5 Things I've been loving this week

Hey everyone, 

I'm back again and today with a new post...sharing with you things I've really been loving and getting into the past week. I really enjoy reading these types of blog posts that are short lists of things people have been loving or monthly this idea is very similar and will hopefully be interesting to read :D

1. Clap Your Hands - Whilk & Misky

One of the things I've been loving lately is discovering new music and new artists, and I came across this song and fell in love. I listen to a lot of my music on Spotify and when I came across this I couldn't stop playing it. It's such a catchy tune.

2. New Look Scarf

I recently did a big online order from New Look, one of the things I ordered was this black and white scarf from the sale section for just £4.50 and I have to say I am very impressed with it. It's very warm and cosy and matched just about every outfit. Definitely recommend! 

3. Pretty Little Liars

Another one of my obsessions this week has been Pretty Little Liars on Netflix! So I've been waiting for the new season to come out for a while now and it finally launched in the UK on Wednesday and I was so happy. Every episode gets you hooked to find out more, I can't wait the following Wednesday's new episode.

4. L'Occitane Hand Cream

So if you've read any of my winter blog posts before, you would see that in the winter I like to moisturise a lot more because of the harsh cold weather. So one of the essential I've been carrying around is this L'Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream. It's the perfect size for your handbag as it doesn't take up any room and leaves your hands feeling soft. I also tend to go for this moisturise cause it soaks into my skin, rather than a lot of moisturisers out there that don't and leave your hands with a filmy coating of oil on them.

5. Dorkface Blog

So this week I've been loving Dorkface blog; Jemma's posts are so addictive and fun to read. If your want someone new to read who posts often...check out Dorkface. Been one of my favourite bloggers for a while now and I'm glad I've finally included her in one of my blog posts!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! Look out for more posts soon!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

My New Year's Resolutions 2016


So 2015 is gone now and I'm ready to start fresh with 2016! I thought that I'd share what resolutions I'm planning to keeping this year...hope you enjoy reading!

1. Keep room tidy 
I'm so bad with keeping my room tidy throughout the week cause of schoolwork and laziness, so this year I'm planning on breaking this habit and keeping my room tidy and organised.

2. Plan out tasks
At the start of last year, I kept up to date in my planner all the tasks I had to do and laid them out clearly...however towards the end of the year I began to slack with keeping up to date. So this year...I'm setting the goal of keeping a planner and planning time out for important tasks.

3. Draw and Paint more
Towards the end of last year, I began to lose motivation for drawing and painting...but this year this won't happen...I'm going to set aside some of my time to improve my artistic skills and just enjoy being creative!

4. Cleanse and Moisturise my face
This is definitely one of the hardest goals of mine because I always become so lazy and never put aside the time to do. At night I find it hard to motivate myself to cleanse my face and remove all my makeup...and I've definitely already made myself change this and am slowly getting myself into a routine of taking my makeup off before bed and moisturising my face. 

5. Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier
I seemed to have slipped into the habit of staying up later than I should and then finding it hard to wake up in the morning...this year I'm putting an end to goal is to start going to bed earlier so it's easier to wake up early and be productive!

I hope you enjoyed reading this...let me know what your New Year's Resolutions are!