Sunday, 17 January 2016

5 Things I've been loving this week

Hey everyone, 

I'm back again and today with a new post...sharing with you things I've really been loving and getting into the past week. I really enjoy reading these types of blog posts that are short lists of things people have been loving or monthly this idea is very similar and will hopefully be interesting to read :D

1. Clap Your Hands - Whilk & Misky

One of the things I've been loving lately is discovering new music and new artists, and I came across this song and fell in love. I listen to a lot of my music on Spotify and when I came across this I couldn't stop playing it. It's such a catchy tune.

2. New Look Scarf

I recently did a big online order from New Look, one of the things I ordered was this black and white scarf from the sale section for just £4.50 and I have to say I am very impressed with it. It's very warm and cosy and matched just about every outfit. Definitely recommend! 

3. Pretty Little Liars

Another one of my obsessions this week has been Pretty Little Liars on Netflix! So I've been waiting for the new season to come out for a while now and it finally launched in the UK on Wednesday and I was so happy. Every episode gets you hooked to find out more, I can't wait the following Wednesday's new episode.

4. L'Occitane Hand Cream

So if you've read any of my winter blog posts before, you would see that in the winter I like to moisturise a lot more because of the harsh cold weather. So one of the essential I've been carrying around is this L'Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream. It's the perfect size for your handbag as it doesn't take up any room and leaves your hands feeling soft. I also tend to go for this moisturise cause it soaks into my skin, rather than a lot of moisturisers out there that don't and leave your hands with a filmy coating of oil on them.

5. Dorkface Blog

So this week I've been loving Dorkface blog; Jemma's posts are so addictive and fun to read. If your want someone new to read who posts often...check out Dorkface. Been one of my favourite bloggers for a while now and I'm glad I've finally included her in one of my blog posts!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! Look out for more posts soon!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

My New Year's Resolutions 2016


So 2015 is gone now and I'm ready to start fresh with 2016! I thought that I'd share what resolutions I'm planning to keeping this year...hope you enjoy reading!

1. Keep room tidy 
I'm so bad with keeping my room tidy throughout the week cause of schoolwork and laziness, so this year I'm planning on breaking this habit and keeping my room tidy and organised.

2. Plan out tasks
At the start of last year, I kept up to date in my planner all the tasks I had to do and laid them out clearly...however towards the end of the year I began to slack with keeping up to date. So this year...I'm setting the goal of keeping a planner and planning time out for important tasks.

3. Draw and Paint more
Towards the end of last year, I began to lose motivation for drawing and painting...but this year this won't happen...I'm going to set aside some of my time to improve my artistic skills and just enjoy being creative!

4. Cleanse and Moisturise my face
This is definitely one of the hardest goals of mine because I always become so lazy and never put aside the time to do. At night I find it hard to motivate myself to cleanse my face and remove all my makeup...and I've definitely already made myself change this and am slowly getting myself into a routine of taking my makeup off before bed and moisturising my face. 

5. Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier
I seemed to have slipped into the habit of staying up later than I should and then finding it hard to wake up in the morning...this year I'm putting an end to goal is to start going to bed earlier so it's easier to wake up early and be productive!

I hope you enjoyed reading this...let me know what your New Year's Resolutions are!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Autumn Makeup and Beauty Essentials

Hey everyone,

Recently, the weather has been changing, it's been getting much colder outside and the leaves have been changing colour and we all know what this means...its now AUTUMN! I love autumn as it gives a chance to finally transition over to wearing dark berry colours and warmer toned clothes and makeup. Although there are many beautiful things about autumn, we are still faced with cold weather, which does tend to dry out our skin and lips in this blog post...I'll be going over some of my favourites to deal with dry skin, lips and my favourite makeup products to go to.

Lip Balm - As we all know, with this colder weather our lips often get very chapped and any lip balm will do the job for keeping your lips soft and moisturised in preparation for the harsh winter ahead. Lip balm is very inexpensive and easy to find and on top of having soft lips they can also come tinted to work as a two in one lipgloss and adds colour!

No. 2
Fern Cotton Eyeshadow Palette- I've been in love with wearing berry colours and smokey brown eyes recently...and this palette covers every autumn colour you need. 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - I've also been using my Naked 3 palette a lot recently, more of the darker colours this time, towards the right side of the palette. Especially the shades factory and blackheart. 

No. 4 
Neom Organic Hand Lotion - I've been getting back into using hand creams again to prevent my hands from getting dry and I've been using the Neom Organic Hand Lotion in "Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil". This hand lotion comes with a pump so is easy to sit on the desk and when you're sitting there, its easy to access and apply a small amount. 

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer kit - I've seen many different contouring kits out there, but this seems to be one of my favourites. The blush although it looks very bright pink, when applied give a more warmer, pale brick red colour. The bronzer is also an everyday essential which I apply after setting my foundation. Both the blush and the bronzer have a slight sparkle to them, so when applied it leaves your face glimmering, rather than looking matte. 

No. 6 
Topshop Sunbeam Highlight - I got this as a gift a little while ago now and I don't use it as often as I should, but now after coming across it in my makeup drawer, I reach for it when I want to spice up my look. It adds a perfect amount of shimmer and gives a different dimension to an everyday look.

Rimmel Apocalips Lipgloss - In "Nude Eclipse 600", I often pair the dark berry eyeshadow colours with a nude lipgloss or lipstick for a more everyday look and this rimmel lipgloss is perfect and long lasting. 

No. 8 
Lancome Juicy Tube Lipgloss - The other alternative to a nude is a simple, clear lipgloss. Like this lancome one, mine came from a set a while ago so i'm, unclear of the name, but a clear lip gloss is definately an essential for autumn...any season really. 

No. 9 
new CID Three in One Lip Wand -  I think this product is absolutely brilliant for any season, all year round. It has everything you need for the perfect lip...a lip liner...lipstick and lipgloss! It's much easier to pop in your handbag then trying to find 3 separate products to pair together.

and finally....

Models Prefer Lip Gloss - This final product is something that's come back into fashion recently...brown lipgloss/lipstick. As we all know, brown lips were a big thing in the 90s and they've been brought back why not rock it this autumn?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this blog post...see you in the next one :)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

10 Things To Do When You're Bored in The Summer

Hey everyone,

Today I thought I'd do a bit of a chatty/lifestyle blog post as I feel like writing as I haven't been on my blog for so long! So I know that summer holidays are coming up soon, so I thought i'd put this blog post together to share some ideas of what you can do when you're bored :D

Hope you enjoy :)

1. Start a project on your blog. If you haven't already....create a blog and start sharing what you do each day and enjoy interacting with others. Or..if you already have a blog, start a new series or project on it and set yourself the challenge of writing about something each day. It could be anything from what you eat to what makeup you wore...have fun with it :D

2. Practice your nail art. Why not get your nail polishes out and get creative! Look up inspiration and start coming up with new ideas on your nails, play around with colours you wouldn't use before and even look up and treat yourself to some new nail tools.

3. Decorate your room/reorganise it. Occupy yourself by changing up the layout of your bedroom or any room for that matter or even redecorate it. You could go and paint your room a different colour, swap out your bedding and cushions or just DIY some new things for your room. Look online for inspiration and pop into you local charity shops...imagine how to use objects for different reasons..e.g. use a cake stand for a jewellery holder :)

4. Experiment with photography. Why not use your camera or your camera on your phone to take pictures. Have fun with taking pictures of objects around your house or town and maybe even edit them? Even print them off and add them to an album or share online..on your blog.

5. Set yourself a challenge with only £10. Give yourself a budget of £10 and try and buy all the things for one project...could be ingredients for a cake...or paint for decorating or ornaments to decorate a section of your room.

6. Start organising with a planner. Introduce yourself to the world of decorating planners and buy your own. Collect and make your own washi tape, post-it notes and bookmarks to plan your life and make your usual planner look cute and personalised to your own style. 

7. Look for some ideas on Pinterest. I love to use Pinterest when i'm bored to search for new ideas and inspiration for any type of project. It could be anything from making a card to building a shed in your garden!

8. Try to create art. I personally love to paint, draw and sketch when i'm why not try it out, you don't have to be good at it, enjoy the process and even get your friends around to have a laugh and look at what each other have created!

9. Bake and decorate a cake. Use ingredients around your home and look up some recipes to bake a cake...then decorate it :) Take your time with it or have your friends and family time you to create a chosen design.

10. Get a new look. Change up the way you look...get a new haircut, try out a new makeup look and even try and buy a different style of clothes. Surprise your friends and family with your new look :D

Hope you enjoyed this post :) Let me know if you liked this style of blog post?

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Favourite Winter / Berry Lip Colours ♥

Hey everyone,

I'm back again to do a post of some of my favourite lip products that I've been wearing a lot lately. They consist of lots of deep berry colours that are really trending at the moment and have been trending for a while now.

I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what your favourite lip product to wear this winter is x

Number 1.

NYX - Sparkling Orchid

This first colour is a very unique colour that I think you'll either love it or hate it. It is a very pretty sparkly purple colour. The shade is fairly sheer so can be built up according to preference.

Number 2.

Estee Lauder - Hot Lava

This second colour is absolutely gorgeous and again has a shimmer in it. I love to build this colour up to give a deep red look for the winter.

Number 3.

Topshop - Get Me Bodied

This final colour is so beautiful and I got it for Christmas...It has been one of the colours on my wishlist for a while and I absolutely love rocking it!

Here are what they look like swatched:

Let me know what your favourite lip colour/lip product is to wear in the winter and also let me know if you like the quality of my pictures now as I got a new camera for Christmas and loved using it! 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Top 5 Moisturisers for Winter ❄⛄❄

Hey everyone,

In today's post I thought that I'd show you some of my favourite moisturisers to use during the winter as our skin can get very dry and may be in need of some TLC ♥

I recommend buying sets or asking for sets that contain miniature size moisturisers/lotions as they're really good for travelling and popping into your handbag :D (maybe you can add some of these onto your Christmas wishlist or buy them as a gift for yourself as a little treat)

Hope you enjoy...lets get into it...♥

Number 1.

This first moisturiser I have been using to prevent my skin becoming very dry and I've been loving's Clinique's 'dramatically different moisturising lotion' 

I apply this moisturiser all over my face after taking excess makeup off and is very lightweight and not at all greasy or hard to sink in. 

I would also say this moisturiser is good if you don't like scented lotions as it's scent is very subtle and hardly noticeable.


Number 2.

This next moisturiser I have also been using all over my face after and before applying makeup.... Benefit's 'Total Moisture facial cream'

The difference between this moisturiser and the one mentioned above is that this is more of a deeper moisturiser that I tend to you if the day is dryer or colder. Whereas the Clinique one above is lighter and I tend to use it everyday.

I own 2 of Benefit's moisturisers and they both have a scent to them but after a while it does fade away which is good although I do love the smell and wouldn't mind if it lasted longer.


Number 3. 

I have been borrowing this lotion from my mum and have been loving it! It's Neom's 'Refresh Organic Hand Lotion'. 

If you don't like hand lotions with scents then I wouldn't opt for this lotion as it has an obvious organic smell of 'Sicilian lemon and Fresh Basil', but I love this smell as its very natural and refreshing. It is a medium consistency but sinks into the skin very well and is good to have sat at your dressing table or desk to apply throughout the day :)


Number 4.

Another one of my favourite moisturisers is Soap and Glory's 'The Righteous Butter'. Soap and Glory has such a unique smell that is very fresh.

This lotion is one of the thicker lotions that I tend to use for both my body and hands but this small travel size pot stays in my bag when I'm out and about so I can reapply. 


Number 5. 

Finally....number 5, this last 'moisturiser' is a moisturiser in a different sense as it removes the dry skin when your scrub it onto your skin and wash it off. From a brand I wouldn't tend to buy beauty products from...Marks & Spencer..their 'Pomegranate Hand & Body Polish'.

This 'polish' came in a set of four shower gels and other bits as a present a few birthdays ago and I just recently I rediscovered it in the bottom of my wardrobe and I love it again.

It leaves a very soft feel to your skin and has a very subtle scent which isn't at all overwhelming!


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post ...check out my links below if you'd like to keep up with what I'm doing and comment telling me what your favourite moisturisers are in the winter and whether you like the sound of any of these above :D