Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mint + Rose Gold Dream Outfit #1

Hey everyone, 

So before I started blogging I had been using a website called 'Polyvore'. Polyvore is a website which allows you to create outfit collages and post them and people can like them and follow you, tell how much each item costs and buy them. I love coming up with little outfit ideas to wear so I thought that I'd start sharing my ideas on my blog.

My Polyvore: click here

So today I thought I'd start it off by showing you a mint + rose gold outfit idea because both of these colours are fairly popular at the moment and I really love them...

This is the outfit which I designed, I wanted the colour scheme to be mints, white and rose gold, because I wanted to have rose gold in the colour scheme, I chose all rose gold Jewelry.

Below are the items in the outfit I created above...
Crop top: 

I chose a simple crop top so that the jewelry could make the look complete. This top is also very affordable and can go with anything you already own.

- Wonder Skinny Jeans (Turquoise)

Because one of the main colours in my colour scheme is a mint/turquoise colour I  paired the plain top with these bold coloured skinny jeans above.


For the shoes, I thought I would pair converse for a more casual look rather than heels etc. I love all of the converse shoes and I think these pair of white ones would go with anything. I found these ones for £32 from but I'm sure you could get them from other places cheaper or you could just wear plain white plimsolls.


I thought that I would start to add in some gold detailing so this bag is perfect. I love the mint colour and the little gold studs. However, I'm not too sure whether you can get this anywhere else apart from America :( You might be able to find a bag similar somewhere else though. 


For nails, I chose this mint colour from this Dior due because I thought its a very nice mint colour and if you wanted to have something different then you could use the darker shade on your ring fingers etc. But... if you wanted something a bit cheaper I'm sure there are plenty of different light blue nail polishes out there that would be just as nice. 

Some cheaper mint/light blue alternatives:
  • Essie - Mint Candy Apple (see what it looks like click here
  • Revlon - Blue Lagoon (£6.49 from boots click here)
  • Sinful Colours - Cinderella 
  • Revlon - Minted (£6.49 from boots click here)

When I designing this look I added all rose gold jewelry and this is the much cheaper alternative to the one which I am going to show next which is far too expensive for me to buy.  This bracelet is really cute, affordable and stretches to any size wrist.

***I would never buy a bracelet like this below that costs this much but it was so pretty so I thought that I would include it anyway***

As I said before, I wouldn't buy this but some people might like to own designer stuff but this bracelet is really cute!



These earrings are very cute and simplistic, they are a bit pricey but I'm sure there are many other alternatives out there :)

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