Tuesday, 30 January 2018

January Beauty Favourites

Hi everyone, 

I hope you've all had a great time over Christmas and are looking forward to 2018! I always love reading these posts about monthly favourites and watching YouTubers share what they've been loving, so I thought I'd jump back into blogging by sharing with you some beauty bits I've been enjoying this January.

⭕️  Tarte Concealer 

I've tried out so many concealers before, many affordable drugstore ones that have done the job but not been exactly what I've been looking for. But this concealer..OMG..it's so good! The coverage is amazing and you only need a small amount and it'll go a long way.

*I got mine in the shade "light" and I have fair skin and this works well, isn't orangey or yellow*

I usually dampen the blending sponge it came with and dab that into my skin and it leaves me with a flawless, fresh look. 
I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking to have a fresh, dewy look to their face that is full coverage. 

Here's where I brought mine from:

⭕️  Becca Highlighter

This next favourite is one of my christmas presents and I've fallen in love with it. The Becca highlighter in the shade "Opal".

 I'm a sucker for face highlighters, like my Topshop Sunbeam gold highlight. This one is extremely pigmented and works well on my pale skin.

*left swatch is on bare skin, right swatch on top of Tarte concealer from above

It's available on this website in a mini version, you could try it out and see how you get on;

⭕️  The Body Shop Mango Face/Body Oil
Since it's been really cold in England, my skin tends to get quite dry so I've been trying out a lot of different face moisturisers and oils to try and get my skin feeling soft and smooth again. This Body Shop mango oil seems to be helping a lot. 
 *I apply it before I do my makeup routine and it helps to make my makeup last as it has something to latch on to*
The oil absorbs into the skin to give a dewy finish and smells very sweet and fruity, perfect to apply after a morning shower or long evening bath.

What have been some of your favourite beauty products you've been using this year? I'd love to know what type of face care products people have been using?

Thank you for reading, speak soon!

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