Saturday, 21 September 2013

ASOS Shoe Haul

Hey everyone, 

So at the beginning of the week, I ordered a new pair of shoes from ASOS and I thought that I'd share with you what I got. Some of you might like them and some of you might hate them but I absolutely love them! I've wanted a pair of flatforms for a long time now and I recently saw someone wearing them so I went ahead and brought them.

I ordered the 'ASOS Dino Flatform Trainers' which were £20.00 and I got them in a size 4. They are very easy to walk in although they were a bit big on me they rubbed the back of my foot and gave me blisters but this is on because I wore very thin socks. 

I would definitely recommend you getting these shoes if you like them but I suggest if they are a bit big on you then you should wear thicker socks and bring plasters just in case.

Hope that you enjoyed my little shoe haul... tweet me or comment if you'd like more of these haul-type posts and check out my new facebook page below ;)

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