Monday, 21 October 2013

Wishlist #1


So I've been browsing online lately and looking around some shops and I've seen many things that look appealing to me and that I'd love to own. Leave me a comment or tweet me at if you enjoyed this or would like to see more of these types of posts.

Anyway... lets get into it...

So the first thing I have seen that has caught my eye lately can kind of be classed as a group of things in stead of one thing in particular because you can get many different styles. 

I have been loving ABOVE KNUCKLE RINGS

I know that these have become very popular recently and some people might like them and some people might hate them but I personally love them! I think they are so cute. I love the small rings with embellishments on such as these:

But I absolutely love the plain band knuckle rings like these:

The next thing that I have seen that I love is more of something that you can do and not just one thing... I love it but I don't know what to call it. So i'm just going say its a WHOLE CARTILAGE PIERCING

I've seen this many times before on tumblr and I absolutely love the look of it!

I recently saw beautybaby44 on YouTube get this done and I love it! I also like the look of different piercings like this:

Onto the next thing...

I haven't been looking at a lot of makeup recently, just clothes and   but the one makeup thing that I would love is a DEEP BERRY LIPSTICK that is more purple than red. I have a few red lipsticks that I love but recently, I've been wearing more purple coloured shades and I would love to have a new one.

I found this one and it looks very nice and is certainly close to what I'm looking for:

The final item on my wishlist is an item of clothing... A pair of 'BOYFRIEND JEANS'. I've been seeing a lot of these types of jeans on pinterest and they look so nice paired with a cute pair of heels like the ones in the picture:


Thank you so much for reading xx I'm very, very sorry for the lack of posts but I hope you stick with me and enjoy the ones that I do post :) 

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