Sunday, 10 November 2013

ELF 50% off Cosmetics haul

Hey everyone, 

So around about last week, ELF had a 50% off discount on all of their products if you ordered online so I that I wouldn't miss the opportunity so I brought lots of stuff from their website :) I was so excited to find out that ELF had 50% off of your whole order because it meant that I could get double the amount of stuff for the same price that I was willing to spend.... In my case, I got £40 worth of makeup for about £23 (including p&p). I've never ordered anything from ELF before but I know that a lot of people use their products because they are very affordable and very close dupes to Nars products. I have to say that I am really pleased with all that I got and I would definitely order from them again!

Lets get into showing you what I got... (I already took everything out of its packaging)

p.s. I mention the full prices and not what they were when everything was half off :)

So this is all what I got:

So this first thing i'll talk about is the ELF High Definition Powder in Shimmer = £6

I spotted this on the website and it looked very appealing to me and I love shimmer so I thought that I'd have a go with wearing it and i'm so glad that I got it! It sets my makeup and prevents it from creasing but also gives my face a little shimmer/sheen that is visible in the light. It doesn't look cakey at all when it is on my skin and it was very good value for money because you get a large pot of it for £6 whereas most over powders are kind of compact and you don't get as much product but still have to pay the full price for it. 

Anyway..lets stop rambling on about this product and move to the next thing which I brought...

I've heard about this being talked about before and it being said that it is very similar to the Sleek Contour Kit but it is the lightest colour which is thought to be very similar but I brought the Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer in the colour Antigua which is much darker than the Sleek Contour Kit. I am very impressed with this product, it is so pigmented and looks very natural on my skin when it is blended in, especially the bronzer. Whereas with some other bronzers, on my skin they are too warm and orangey... and it was only £3.75!

The next thing that I brought was one of their All Over Colour Sticks in the colour Persimmon. 

This product is great if you are looking for something cheap that gives a good, lasting sheen that can have multiple uses. This all over stick can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. I like to use it as a highlight on my cheek bones because when I move my head in the light, you can see the slight sheen and gives my skin a sort of glow.

I have to say that although this product looks very pretty, the actual product in the tube is quite hard at first but after a while if you keep using it, it will soften into a better shape which is easier to apply to your skin. But for only £1.50, I shouldn't really be complaining.

Onto the next product...

I have been needing an eyeshadow primer for a long time now but I didn't really want to spend a lot of money buying one if I start to use it and it isn't that good. So I brought their Eyelid Primer in first I was going to get it in Sheer but due to everyone going crazy and buying stuff from ELF, they went out of stock so I chose this colour but I'm so glad it did happen because this primer in Pearl is so much prettier than the sheer would've been! It has tiny sparkles in it so when it is blended out you can see tiny twinkles. 

I know I haven't really said any bad things about any of the products so far but they really are very good and I can't find any flaws in them. And this product is very good for £1.50 and it stops my eyeshadow from creasing and it doesn't wear off through the whole day that is unless I rub my eyes.

So the next 3 things are all Single Eyeshadows and I brought them in the shades:
Raspberry Truffle, Oatmeal and Sunset = £3.38 each


Raspberry Truffle
If you can't tell by now... I love shimmer haha :)
These eyeshadows are also very pigmented and I love using them! You don't have to pick up much product and the pay off is so good! I've worn these eyeshadows a few times now and they blend out very easily and aren't at all heavy on my skin. They all have slight shimmers in them which I love and they go very well now we are getting closer to winter especially the Raspberry Truffle because I love wearing darker colours now.

Next product...

The next product is the Studio Glitter Gloss in Glam Guava = £3.75 each

I brought 2 of these one for myself and another one for my mum:

We both love glitter so this gloss was ideal and she didn't know that she was getting it and loves it! It does feel a little bit sticky but isn't something to put anyone off of buying it. It is probably one of the prettiest and sparkliest (not even a word haha) lip glosses I have ever owned! 

Finally, the last 4 products that I brought were all Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks = £2.50 each

I brought the colours: Movie Star, Flirty & Girly, Pink Umbrellas and Tiki Torches.

L-R Pink Umbrellas, Flirty & Girly and Movie Star

(I gave my mum Tiki Torches as a present as well :))

I was expecting these to be very glossy but depending on the colour that you chose, they are either glossy and glittery or matte but they are all moisturising and not drying at all. Tiki Torches and Flirty & Girly were very shiny and glittery whereas Pink Umbrellas and Movie Star were slightly matte.

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this post... sorry that it was very long.

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  1. This is an amazing haul! I've never tried anything from Elf before but I've heard that their brushes are really great quality! I wish I got some things when they were having the 50% off sale, such a great deal! xx

    Rachael | ♥

  2. LOVE ELF. It's such amazing quality, especially their brushes at £1.50 each haha.

    I love your blog. Following on GFC & G+.
    Having some xmas giveaways at my blog, would love it if you had a peek! xx