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December Favourites + What I got for Christmas video

Hey everyone, 

So I thought that I'd share with you some of the products that I have been loving using throughout the month of December. Because Christmas was in December, I got many new things to try out including clothes, makeup and random bits.

I just uploaded my 'What I got for christmas 2013' so if you would like to check that out click here.  

I hope you enjoy reading and comment below if you would like to see a YouTube video of me showing you the bits in more depth x

I'm going to chose 10 main favourites for December that I have been loving a lot. I'm going to make it fair by choosing  5 categories and 2 items for each :)  


~ Skincare
~ Makeup 
~ Clothes and Jewelry
~ Phone apps
~ Random


The first product that I have been loving is a Benefit face moisturiser that I have had since October and I have used it every day since. It is the BENEFIT TOTAL MOISTURISER in the mini size. Throughout the winter and colder seasons, my skin tends to get really dry so I use this before I do my makeup everyday to ensure my skin gets proper treatment and so my makeup doesn't cling to the dry skin. It is very moisturising!

I love the packaging on all of Benefits new products which is definitely a bonus to this product!

Alternatively... I sometimes use the thinner moisturiser by Benefit which is the BENEFIT TRIPLE PERFORMING MOISTURISER. 

Although this cream is a thinner consistency... It does the job well! 


I know the next product I'm going to mention has been so popular and so many people have talked about it but I don't know how anyone couldn't like it... I'm talking about the URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 Palette. I've never owned a naked palette before and if I had to chose out of the three made it would definitely be this one.

I love that he palette has rosey colours in it instead of neutrals because it's so unique to any other palettes made.

Also in December, I'm not sure if this is a Skincare product or makeup but I've been loving using just a simple lip balm. Recently I went shopping and Maybelline were having some type of deal I think it was if you buy 2 nail varnishes you get 1 free and a free baby lips lip balm. I love to use the lip balm before I apply makeup and again before I put any lipstick on because it helps the lipstick to glide on better.

Clothes and Jewelry:

So I got this scarf for Christmas as you will have seen if you watched my 'What I got for Christmas 2013' video on YouTube. I have literally worn it everyday! Its the really huge soft tartan scarf from Zara:

My brother was so generous this Christmas and he brought it for me along with many other things mentioned in my video.  This scarf is so soft and although I only got it near the end of December if I had it earlier I would've worn it everyday especially in the colder weather.

My next favourite are my new Pia Silver Earrings. I forgot to mention these in my new video but I got them for Christmas and haven't taken them out since.

They are really pretty and girly and its nice to have a change from my regular gold diamond studs.

Phone apps:

So this category is a bit different because its not very beauty related but its nice to include a bit of everything.

So the first app is a social kind of app where you can follow people and save their pictures. This is WeHeartIt. 

I've used weheartit for a long time now and have recently been finding myself hoping over onto it when I am bored. You can basically browse images you like and save them to your own page and save them to your phone as a background. You can get this app on Android and iPhone and it can be used in your internet browser aswell. :D

 (let me know in the comments if you would like to see a whats on my phone - i have a Samsung galaxy s3) - kind of like the iPhone tag :) Also let me know if you would like to see a video on how I edit my instagram pictures and the apps I use :)

The next app I have been loving throughout December and many other months is Photowonder. 



I use this app on most of my photos for instagram to edit the brightness and contrast and sometimes to add a filter.  I love all of the functions this app provides and I would definitely recommend it! It's also very user friendly so you don't need to be an expert at photography to know how to use it :D

Random favourites:

So my random favourites really are going to include random things like food, games, home decor stuff etc...

So for the first random favourite I thought I'd mention my  ikea 'Trensum' mirror which was such a bargain for £3.50.

I have a light up mirror by No7 but it was a bit annoying cause it was chunky so I got this one and it's so much nicer to use and carry around my room.

My final random December favourite is Marzipan fruits. My family and I got gifted a small box of marzipan fruits and I absolutely love them.

Not only are they delicious but they look cute too!
(Sorry I couldn't photograph many but they were so delicious hehe)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post... I enjoyed making it <3

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