Friday, 9 August 2013

Hello bloggers...

Hello bloggers, 

So i've been thinking of creating a blog for a long while now but couldn't think of a name. Until now, I chose my blog name as 'teacups 'n' makeup' because the 'teacups' will represent the more chatty/lifestyle part of my blog and the 'makeup' will represent the makeup/style/beauty side of my blog. On my blog, I will be posting bits of everything, including Monthly favourites, Product reviews and much more!

Down below, I have some links of different social websites i'm signed up to so if you want to follow me on any of them, feel free:

                  Twitter | Facebook| Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr | Wanelo | Lockerz | Bloglovin


  1. Good on ya for starting a blog! It can be very rewarding. I look forward to reading your posts! xx

    1. Thank you for following me :) I'll will be posting much more! I'm going to be posting another post today so keep watching xx