Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Would you rather tag - Beauty Edition

Hey everyone, 

So I've posted a few makeup related posts now and I thought I would do a more chatty/lifestyle post so that you can have the chance to learn a bit more about me. So for today's post I thought that I would do the 'Would you rather tag?' but the 'beauty edition'. So lets get into the questions...

(P.S I might have changed some of the options because I don't live in America x)
I'll put the chosen ones in bold :)

BLUSH or bronzer
 I definitely prefer blush because i'm not very good at contouring

lip gloss or LIPSTICK 
 I prefer lipstick to lip gloss because it lasts longer and gives much better colour pigmentation and isn't sticky

eyeliner or MASCARA 
 Although eyeliner is great, mascara definitely defines your eyes more

FOUNDATION or concealer
Definitely foundation because if I was going to wear some type of coverage, I would use this because I don't have many spots for concealer but the foundation could even out my skin tone.

NEUTRAL or coloured eye shadow
I prefer neutral to coloured because neutral eye shadow looks more natural and not too much for everyday looks.

PRESSED or loose eye shadows
Although I own many loose eye shadows, I prefer to use pressed because its easier to control the amount of product that I use and it doesn't go everywhere.

BRUSHES or sponges
I have never used sponges to apply my makeup because I like using brushes because they are just easier to control and also make it easier to blend products.

Next category...

OPI or china glaze
 I prefer OPI because they are very good quality but I'm gradually liking the china glaze 
colours too

LONG or short
I prefer to have long nails because they look more elegant and pretty

acrylic or NATURAL
I've never had acrylic nails before because I think that they will just damage my nails and I have naturally long nails anyway. However, I really like the look of stiletto nails:
BRIGHTS or darks
I prefer brights, they just look prettier. (although I do like dark colours because there are many in the picture above)

Next category...

perfume or BODY SPLASH
I prefer body splashes because they aren't as heavy as perfumes but I still do love perfumes.

lotion or BODY BUTTER
I like body butters more than lotions because the ones that I own seem to be richer and have a long lasting smell

BODY WASH or soap
This one is very easy for me to choose. I NEVER use a bar of soap, I always use body wash because its easier to lather up and you can get so many different scents of them.

LUSH or other bath company
I definitely prefer lush but there are many bath companies out there that sell very nice products. Such as: soap and glory, rituals and ted baker 


JEANS or sweat pants
I prefer jeans because they look smarter and besides, I don't own many pairs of sweat pants

long sleeve or SHORT
Definitely short sleeve because there are so many short sleeve tops but not as many long sleeve

DRESSES or skirts
I prefer dresses because they are easier to wear and look elegant

STRIPES or plaid
I own so much striped stuff so its definitely stripes.

flip flops or SANDALS
You can buy so many different types of sandals with different shapes and styles whereas flip flops all look the same.

scarves or HATS
I wear more hats then scarves and I love beanies.

STUDS or dangly earrings
I own about 50/50 of each sort but I definitely wear the studs more than the dangly earrings.

NECKLACES or bracelets
I prefer wearing necklaces because they seem to fit my neck and don't annoy me through the day. Whereas, many bracelets don't fit me because I have small wrists and they tend to annoy me through the day and I end up taking them off.

HEELS or flats
I prefer heels but they can sometimes be uncomfortable

COWBOY BOOTS or riding boots
I prefer cowboy boots just because they look prettier.

JACKET or hoodie
I think that I own more jackets then hoodies, they can go with everything and they dress up the look.

Next category...

CURLY or straight
I have dead straight hair but have always wanted curls 

bun or PONYTAIL 
I definitely prefer a ponytail, its quicker, easier to do and I don't have to worry about bits falling out.

BOBBY PINS or butterfly clips
Bobby pins look better

Although hair spray might not have as strong a hold, I haven't used gel because I think that if I had short hair then I would but I have long hair.

LONG or short
This is a hard decision because I have had short hair many time before and I love it but then I want long hair. Then when I have long hair I want short hair. But at the moment I have long hair so lets go with that.

SIDE SWEPT FRINGE or full fringe
I had a full fringe when I was little but I don't think I suited it.

UP or down
I definitely prefer up(but at the moment it's down drying haha)

Final category...

rain or SHINE
I don't like it when it rains, whereas the sun makes me happy :D

SUMMER or winter
There is much more things to wear and do in the summer

autumn or SPRING
Spring looks prettier

chocolate or VANILLA 
Chocolate can sometimes be took rich

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