Saturday, 10 August 2013

Top 5 Favourite Lip Products

Hey everyone,

So today I thought that I'd write another post for you, so I thought that I'd share with you my favourite lip products which I have been using a lot recently. So lets get into it:

This first product is the BOURJOIS COLOR BOOST LIPSTICK IN 04 PEACH ON THE BEACH. I have been loving this lipstick because it's something that you can put on without having to get a mirror. I love using this lipstick because it is a very neutral colour and isn't too bright.

This next lipstick is a REVLON LIP BUTTER IN STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. As I said in my recent blog post, the Revlon lip butters were talked about a lot and there are probably many posts about them but they really are perfect. They are very moisturising and can very easily be layered for more pigmentation. 

This product isn't necessarily something that is kept on like a lipstick or lipgloss but more of a treatment. The LUSH BUBBLEGUM LIP SCRUB is always what I use when my lips are becoming a bit dry and not looking too good. This product has a lovely bubblegum scent and to top that off it also tastes of bubblegum and is edible so when you are done scrubbing your lips, you can lick the excess product off. It leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised.

This product might not be new but it's still something that I enjoy using. That is the MAXFACTOR LIPFINITY LASTING LIP TINT IN 04. This lip stain really does what it says it should... It lasts! This lip stain is quite shear to start off with but it can again be built up for a more deeper colour.

This final product is something that is definitely a bargain. This MUA LIPSTICK IN SHADE 15 or JUICY was only £1, although many people might think that because the product is cheap, the quality would be cheap. They would be wrong this time, that MUA lipsticks have such good texture and pigmentation for only £1. This shade that I have in the picture looks like a dark shade of orange, the lipstick is more of a lighter peachy colour in real life.

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  1. Lovely lipsticks!! Would you nice if you had swatched!!

    1. I can take some pictures of swatches and add them in if you would like? Do you want swatches on my lips or just my hand? x