Thursday, 15 August 2013

NOTD #1 - Essie Mint Candy Apple + Little Silver Bows

Hey everyone,

So I posted a picture the other day on instagram of my nails and I thought that I would show you readers too in case you aren't following me on instagram. 

So this is what my left hand nails look like: 

I decided add a 3D silver bow on my left hand as I'm right-handed and wouldn't use my left as much so it would be less of a risk of it catching on something then coming off. 
The little bow which I used was from out of a little pack of bows that I think are from amazon or eBay but if you type in 'nail art bows', i'm sure they'll come up or ones similar:

These are the bows which I brought

I use my right hand more than my left, so I decided not to add a bow but use small strips of tape to add silver stripes down my ring finger. The silver nail polish which I used is called 'No Place Like Chrome' by Essie. 
This silver is the best nail polish I have ever owned! It dries within seconds and you only need 1 coat of the colour and your nails are done.

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