Monday, 12 August 2013

Lancome Petit Tresor eye shadow in Fil D'Argent or S207

Hello again...

So today I thought that instead of doing a post on my favourites, I would do a kind of review post on the Lancome Petit Tresor eye shadow in Fil D'Argent or S207. 

I got this eye shadow last Christmas in a special collection and I love it! I love the colour of the eye shadow but on top of that, I love the packaging! I'm not sure if you can buy this eye shadow anymore from Lancome but I have seen it on Amazon and Ebay.

I found that if you wear this eyeshadow with some type of base on your eyes then it didn't crease and there was more pigmentation of the colour that just on its own. This eye shadow is very pretty and has very small sparkles in it which glimmer when they are caught in the light but sometimes, throughout the day this eye shadow can wear off a bit, reducing the amount of pigmentation. However, there is still colour present and you can still see it on your eyes.

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